Working Time Management


Working Time Management

Whether it’s a matter of local law or corporate policy, documenting employees’ working hours is often a necessity. This app will help. 


Everything starts with a way for employees to enter time spent per week – and conveniently so. It moves on to making sure those hours are then reviewed by management, and the onto creating corresponding reports for allocation or internal planning purposes.


Key Features

  • Weekly time recording
  • Permissions
  • Reporting
  • Link to other apps

Weekly time recording

Because no one enjoys this, at least make it quick and relatively painless for your employees.

Employees can enter their working times as a weekly summary, optionally selecting a project (from the Project Management app) for which the time was spent. Defaults can be offered from the Project Management app when employees were assigned to projects. No matter what, allocation reports can be created at the push of a button and turned into documents for circulation and/or signatures.


Because the right hand should know what the left hand is doing (and preferably approve of it).

Once employees have submitted their working hours, their managers must approve those weekly. A given employee’s manager, who is of course maintained in the Personnel Administration solution, will automatically receive requests to approve their staff’s timesheets.

Link to other apps

Because you only want to maintain information in one place and reuse it everywhere else.

The apps in this platform were designed to share their data, so the more apps you choose to use, the less total data maintenance time you’ll need to spend. For example, the Working