SMB App Package "Basic"


SMB App Package "Basic"

An important step on the way to digitization is for smaller companies in particular to think about internal idle times and costs. This basic set of apps simplifies and digitizes the administration of employees, addresses, tasks, and absences.


You can organize and streamline your company with an unbeatable price-performance ratio and go beyond the bare necessities.


If you’re looking for additional requirements, or have other ideas for digitization, you have two options: Check out Business Apps "Professional". That package builds on this basic package and extends it to include Expenses Management, Project Management and Working Time Management.

Editions & Pricing

Edition Price
SMB App Package "Basic" $ 4.50 *
SMB App Package "Professional" $ 12.50 *

* per month per user

Address & Task Management

Because you want your crown jewels in one easily-managed place.

Every workplace – modern or otherwise – works with customers, often multiple contacts per organization. Every worker in every workplace needs to accomplish tasks. Every modern workplace tries to connect those tasks to those companies and contacts to keep track of customer relationships.

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Employee Management

Because a single location for all employees data just makes sense.

Any company of any real size needs to formally track information on their employees to avoid forgetting critical details and to make sure critical activities take place. The basis for this is the personnel file; it contains contact information, employment history at the company, languages, skills, organization chart info, experiences, and events. As is common for skybow-authored solutions, attaching documents with metadata and versioning support can be done for any employee. Moreover, tasks and tracked issues can be tracked for employees – and those tasks can be seen by managers along with other tasks from other apps, too.

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Absence Management

Because, among other things, it’d be good if everyone wasn’t gone at the same time.

Every company needs an attendance and absence overview, a holiday application, an illness report, or overtime management - regardless of size. This small-but-nice app lets you keep track of all of that. Moreover, it’s neatly integrated with all other apps on the platform; employee data comes from the personnel administration app, and tasks come from the Basis App.

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