Project Management


Project Management

A project has a name, a start and an end date, a leader, a priority, phases, a status, a set of tasks, and above all – a lot of documents.


That's exactly what this app covers – and it allows people to see everything about a project in one convenient place. Everyone knows where to work, and management can get a good overview of all current projects. The project managers are also driven with this tool to keep everything up to date.


Key Features

  • Project file & status
  • Tracking of time, costs, and risks 
  • Dashboard, notifications
  • Project report
  • Link to other apps

Project file & status

Because you finally want to have all project data and documents in one place.

One profile is opened for each project, and will contain information that describes the project, information on the status, and progress through the project’s life cycle. Furthermore, documents and tasks can be assigned to and connected to individual project phases, clearly and cleanly.

Tracking of time, costs, and risks

Because you know that external projects must always be green.

A project is divided into phases from initialization to completion. Each phase can have a time and cost budget. If the project manager then enters the corresponding times and costs, these are continuously checked against the budget. According to a calculation rule that can also be adjusted, the statuses "Cost" and "Time" become green, orange or red.

Dashboard, notifications

Because you want an all-up view of internal and external projects.

Project managers and/or corresponding portfolio managers need to be continuously informed about critical updates of assigned projects. For example, if a project changes status to red or orange, they need to be alerted to that. They need to track times and costs on a weekly basis both within and across projects. The app has a dashboard gives a great overview of all projects, and it can be filtered to drill down to the right entries.

Project report

Because you need it, your customer needs it, and everyone else needs it, too.

With the push of a button, all the data about a project can be turned into a Word document for emailing, printing, or turning into a PDF for archiving. All of it.