Meeting Manager


Meeting Manager

Plan, organize and manage all Meetings on one platform.


Meetings are often a waste of time? That's true. Not every topic needs a round table. But on some topics you can’t avoid it. In these cases, you need to plan and organize your meetings effectively. With the Meeting Manager you get a useful tool for all this which supports you in planning, organizing and documenting your meetings.



Key Features

  • Clear view of all current and upcoming meetings
  • Transparent creation of tasks resulting from the meeting
  • Automated creation of meeting minutes
  • Optimal preparation of the meeting topics through a central collection
  • Strong integration capabilities in the Microsoft world
  • Automatic communication to all participants

Whether project meeting, job interview or jour fixe - you need a transparent agenda, a clear topic plan, a good task management and proper meeting minutes.


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Organize Meetings

Because everyone hates to be in an unorganized and time-consuming meeting.

You get all important information about every meeting at a glance. Start to prepare a new meeting by defining all information, preparing the necessary documents in advance and inviting only those colleagues you need for that meeting.

Collect topics and generate an agenda

Because “the bigger the better” doesn’t go with professional meetings

Everyone that is assigned to the meeting can add topics, that should be covered. All attendees can vote on topics beforehand to find the most important ones. Assign those topics to the first meeting to prepare the agenda. At the beginning of the meeting a document will automatically be generated to start on the meeting minutes. It includes all given information like topics, attendees or description, you just have to start taking notes.

Assign tasks

Because there will always be some open tasks after a meeting

The most important thing during a meeting is to define tasks! That’s probably the worst waste of time when no one knows what to do, after you sat together for hours. Assign tasks transparently for everyone and set deadlines to them.