Facility Management


Facility Management

C3C CAFM is your instrument for evaluating how many employees of a particular qualification are needed to complete the building services in accordance with the building regulations - the general statutory provisions. In addition, the system offers the possibility to optimize your plants on the basis of your plant data.


Thanks to the comprehensive capabilities of the skybow Solution Studio, C3C can offer comprehensive and successful business solutions with SharePoint for the best management system. The use of C3C Kapa does not require a change of its existing system. You will continue to use the solutions you favored and supplement them with C3C Kapa. Capacities lacking information are supplemented after import into C3C Kapa via easy-to-use interfaces.


Key Features

  • List of inventories for plants
  • Presentation of required capacities for activities / maintenance / testing periods
  • Differentiation according to own external costs
  • Automatic calculation of required annual capacities and qualifications
  • Freely configurable, storable filters and views on the data, switchable by one click
  • Virtually intuitive user interface, thus requiring minimal training effort
  • Adjustment screws for optimization
  • Consideration of disturbance services, walkway times, travel times etc.