Employee Management


Employee Management

Any company of any real size needs to formally track information on their employees to avoid forgetting critical details and to make sure critical activities take place. The basis for this is the personnel file it contains contact information, employment history at the company, languages, skills, organization chart info, experiences, and events.


As is common for skybow-authored solutions, attaching documents with metadata and versioning support can be done for any employee. Moreover, tasks and tracked issues can be tracked for employees – and those tasks can be seen by managers along with other tasks from other apps, too.


Key Features

  • Personnel file
  • Knowledge, training, languages 
  • Phone Directories
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries

Personnel file

Because a single location for all employees data just makes sense.

This is the core of this app. A digital profile is opened for each employee, and in addition to data about name/address/etc., you can add documents such as photos, passports, contracts, and meeting notes there, too. Important information such as department, supervisor, contact details, employment, workload, languages and much more can also be conveniently managed in the right place. Any open topics or reminders can be created as tasks linked to those employees..

Knowledge, training, languages

Because knowing who can do what makes a big difference.

Different employees have different skill sets. Those skill sets evolve over time. When the demand arises, knowing who knows or can do what is nothing short of critical. So keep track of each employee’s skills, training undertaken, languages spoken, and a lot more.

Phone Directories

Because contacting someone quickly needs to be fast and easy.

One click takes you to a telephone directory that is generated in real time from existing master data. And since it’s standard data, it’s possible to use it in integration efforts with other systems and other places.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Because a personal touch is just good business

That personnel profile includes friendlier info like birthday and start dates. That information has plenty of potential uses, but this solution makes sure that info can be used for celebrating, or at least acknowledging, birthday and anniversary events.