CRM light


CRM light

Addresses are the absolut base for each single company and with this simple address management for small companies we address the basic need. If a address is entered f.e from Microsoft Outlook contacts – the app generates automatically the folder structure and set the correct tags.


The documents save within the structure will get automatically the correct tags without need from the user to tag the documents manually. Simply manage your related documents and find the information needed fast instead of endless searching:

  • Sync of addresses with Microsoft Outlook
  • Based on addresses – folders will be created
  • Every document saved within the structure will get the correct tags to find it easily
  • Simple interface for immediate use without training

Companies & Contacts synched with Outlook

Because you want your crown jewels in one easily-managed place.

An account is the roll-up point for everything and anything: a customer, a supplier, a contractor, or a partner. And not every organization has a single location, a single point of contact, or a single… well… anything. This lets you maintain multiple addresses per account, multiple contacts per account, and connect the right people to the right location for the righ purposes. Robust filtering and searching makes it possible to quickly find and peruse account info at will.

Documents to Companies

Because it’s not enough to save and find documents – you need to know why they were written and to what they apply.

Storing documents in the right place, e.g., for a customer or task, isn’t difficult. SharePoint makes that easier than classic filing systems. You can add extra descriptive information to them. You can track revisions to them. You can do all of that from a browser or from Microsoft Office apps. And you can synchronize them with your local machine for offline use. But it helps a lot more when those documents are automatically tagged with contact, company, and location information.

Contacts with Activities and Tasks

Because it’s easier to complete tasks that are well-organized.

In order to get things done, there’s a huge payoff to being able to see an overview of all tasks but allow one to look at today’s tasks as well. It’s even more important to be able to see those tasks in one place no matter where they were created; some tasks involve expense requests, others are tied to projects, others are sales-related – they come from everywhere. Well, here you’ll find a consolidated view, a timeline view, and an ability to filter/sort/search for tasks the way you want.