AnyShare: Digital Workplace


AnyShare: Digital Workplace

AnyShare is a web-based "digital workspace" that allows users to work together and share information and documents. AnyShare is a Microsoft SharePoint based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that can grow with the needs of users.


With AnyShare, Avectris offers a cloud app platform in Switzerland for optimal collaboration within companies, teams or projects. The intuitive Sharepoint templates make it easy to set up interactive websites or workspaces for various purposes.


In addition, AnyShare provides tools that enable the efficient development of customer-specific business solutions.

AnyShare operates on the Avectris infrastructure and meets the highest security standards. The platform is also suitable for cooperation beyond the company's borders.


AnyShare is accessed through a standard browser. No installation on the client side is required for basic functionality. Browsers are supported according to the compatibility list of Microsoft for the respective SharePoint version. For SharePoint version 2013, which is currently used by AnyShare, the following compatibility list is provided by Microsoft:


AnyShare does not contain Microsoft Office licenses. Procurement and provision of the corresponding programs and/or services are not part of this service.

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