Absence Management


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Absence Management

Every company needs an attendance and absence overview, a holiday application, an illness report, or overtime management - regardless of size. 


This small-but-nice app lets you keep track of all of that. Moreover, it’s neatly integrated with all other apps on the platform; employee data comes from the personnel administration app, and tasks come from the Basis App.


Key Features

  • Leave Request and Approval 
  • Absence calendars
  • Annual dossier per employee 
  • Illness report
  • Overtime & Compensation 
  • Link to other apps 

Leave Request and Approval

Because, among other things, it’d be good if everyone wasn’t gone at the same time.

Employees request time off for vacations, illness, military service, bereavement, or other events. This solution can use the type of absence and time period to determine how and by whom a request should be reviewed. Again, integration with other solutions in this platform helps a lot, and supervisor information is indeed maintained in the Personnel Administration solution.

Absence calendars

Because you want to know who's where and when.

Whether to accept or reject a leave request is certainly determined in part by whether they have accrued that available time, but it should also be determined by who else might be gone at the same time. This solution allows you to see, as a calendar, what the effect will be of saying “yes” or “no.”

Annual dossier per employee

Because, like everyone else, you want to manage your absence days in annual quotas.

Every employee receives an annual “dossier" (an overview of all information) at the beginning of each year to see their available and used vacation days, overtime, additional days if necessary, sick notifications, and more. As always, documents and tasks can be attached to them and managed from one place. And yes, if your company policies allow for it, available balances can be transferred to subsequent years at rollover time.

Overtime & Compensation

Because you want to keep an overview of this delicate topic.

This solution also allows managers the option of tracking overtime and providing compensation in the form of both time and money bonuses. All from one managed, confidential place.

Illness report

Because no one is immune to everything.

You’d expect – and rightly so – so think that the app allows time off due to illness to be reported by the employee. Depending on your policies, you can also insist that medical documentation be attached when that happens. And that you can see, either across time or across people, who’s asked for what and how often.

Link to other apps

Because you only want to maintain information in one place and reuse it everywhere else.

The apps on this platform were made to work together, and if you’ve chosen several, you can expect to see them share data seamlessly. In the case of "absence management", for example, any information about the employee and his/her superior will be provided by the personnel file solution.